Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy {early} Valentine's Day!

Maya was quite excited by the valentines she rec'd in the mail today. A Tinkerbell 'love day card' from grandma and papa.. and a Thomas the Train 'love day card' from her cousin Andrew, and the rest of his family. It was pretty cool that her valentine matched the new jammies that we bought her for her hospital day tomorrow!
Happy Love Day everyone!


Peter and Nancy said...

I just love that she loves Thomas! So cute. :o) We'll be praying that everything goes well, and that fatigue = cooperative girl.

I just read your previous post -- let me know what kind of photos you'll need, and I'll see if we have anything that would help. Did you post on the Dillon forum too? My e-mail is
-- Nancy

Julie & Patrick said...

Looking at the clock, I'm sure you are mid-procedure right now. I am hoping that all is going well!

Also would love to offer up photos if you are still in need. My e-mail is

Julie R

Jack said...

Hope everything went well with Maya's surgery.

Becky F