Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catch Up!

I've been reminded a few times lately that my blog has been, and I quote, '..quite boring' lately. Alas, life has caught up with me a bit and I haven't been taking the time to blog. My apologies.
I'm attaching some photos and video to catch you up a bit on the past couple of weeks! Here is a quick update:
* Devika did very well with her cast, other than kicking us all the time and inflicting injury to our bodies. She finally was able to have the cast removed yesterday, and she was SO very excited! There is a photo in the slideshow, if you can see it very well, that shows her ecstatic expression. It was hilarious! She has been running and climbing like an animal ever since.
* Both girls have had colds this week. Devi's is, of course, now an ear and sinus infection. Poor kiddo! Always on some type of medication. Maya doesn't seem to be getting worse, so hopefully we will go without a pediatrician trip for her this time.
* Devika had an allergist appmt a couple of wks ago. Turns out she is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Yikes! We went to the allergist regarding her milk and egg issues.. and it turned out to be a simple protein processing issue and not an allergy. In fact, she had a hideous 'blow out' approximately 2 minutes after the skin test was administered. The doctor was amazed, as this was the first time a patient has ever had a systemic reaction to a skin test that she has administered. Go figure!
The good thing is that it is caused by her colon not being developed 100% (possibly due to prematurity), and she should grow out of this issue within the next 3-5 years. I sure hope so!! She has major reactions to anything that has milk in the first 6 or 7 listed ingredients. It is ridiculous.
* My mom has been quite sick lately, in a tough fight against pain caused by either the cancer or her treatments. She has horrid pain in her left side, and they can't find anything wrong. This is the worst I've seen her (well, I can't see her from here.. but I hear from my siblings).. and the first time she is admitting to really feeling horrible. She has lost weight and is not able to go out and do anything. We're all praying that this pain gets resolved soon so that her quality of life can improve. Please pray with us!! I wish I could go visit and help her out, but it is very challenging when you have 2 little girls and your hubby travels. I'm trying to work something out very soon. Hopefully after Maya's oral surgery.
* Oh yeah, Maya has to have oral surgery to have her 4 back molars filled/sealed/whatever. The dentist warned us that her teeth were very porous from in-utero malnutrition, and here we are. Same with Devika's teeth - tho I hope she will seal them before they are decaying as badly as Maya's are. Arrggh. So Maya will have this done at Children's Hospital on the 13th. My poor baby! She will be so freaked out. The hospital has a 'pre-surgery' tour you can take with your child a few days prior, so I'm going to sign up for this. Maybe she will be more calm if we do this. She is not one for new experiences, that's for sure.
* We had our 2nd post-placement visit last week for Devika's adoption. Only one more to go.. things are in line for the legal adoption to happen in April (we hope). Yay! We actually spent more time worrying about Maya at this visit than Devi. Maya has some 'stranger' issues.. as in, she isn't scared of them - especially men - and has no prob going up to them in public places, etc. She def. bonds quickly with men vs women. I also see some bonding issues b/t her and her dad. Sooo.. we were advised to schedule her for an evaluation with the Int'l Adoption Clinic at Children's.. which does this type of evaluation, etc. I'm not super worried or anything, but our social worker thought that this might lead to more major issues in her teen years if we don't look into it now.
* Both of our girls are actually adjusting very well these days. Maya's behavior is soo much better. I believe she is pretty much 'normal' now.. whatever that means for a 3 yr old! She loves her sister and calls her 'my baby'. :) Devika also loves Maya, though she still enjoys alone time with me or with Daddy. She is such a very very happy baby! And very snuggly!! Maya was never a snuggly child, which was disappointing for us in the past. I don't know if it was an attachment issue or what (our social worker believes that it was.. in retrospect).. but it is an amazing difference to have a lovey child. Devi loves to snuggle into my neck when she is tired. She also loves to run at me and jump into my lap.. if she is ever sitting (and it only happens for very short periods of time!), this is her favorite spot.
Maya is doing well with helping with Devika, she is doing well at school, and she is becoming a bit more active (tho still won't go up or down stairs w/o holding onto something tightly or going down on her behind). Her behavior issues are improving - partly I believe b/c I'm using some new parenting methods. Need to change it up on occasion I guess. I'm now using some methods from 'The Happy Toddler' book by Harvey Karp MD. I'm working on myself to do more 'rewarding', and I've noticed improvements already. Yay!

So I know the girls have done and said soo many cute things lately, but I'm tired/sick (caught the cold today) and need to rest up for Super Bowl Sunday! Time to go to sleep. Hopefully I'll blog again in the next few days and catch up on some funny stories/cuteness that I don't want to forget!

Here's a little cuteness for today:

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Peter and Nancy said...

Whew -- what a whirlwind! I hope your mom gets some relief soon. It must be hard to be further away from her than you'd like.

Interesting about Maya's teeth -- Anya Rashi has a white spot on the back of one tooth that I've been wondering about. I wonder if she has the same kind of decay-prone thing going on. Thanks for the heads-up.

I hope your cold doesn't wipe you out too much! The mama doesn't get a day off. :o)
-- Nancy